University of Oregon
Community Service Center

CSC Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff  

Josh Bruce AICP
OPDR Director


Julie Foster
CSC Grants Administrator


Michael Howard AICP
OPDR Program Specialist


Robert Parker AICP
CSC Director, CPW Program Director, PPPM Teaching Faculty


Megan Smith
CSC Director, RARE Program Director


Bethany Steiner
CPW Associate Program Director, PPPM Teaching Faculty


Titus Tomlinson
RARE Program Coordinator


GTF Research Assistants    

Photo Coming Soon!

Emily Brown
Project Manager

Photo Coming Soon!

Rory Isbell
Project Manager

Photo Coming Soon!

Dana Nichols
Project Manager

Photo Coming Soon!

Brett Setterfield
Project Manager

Photo Coming Soon!

Craig Wiroll
Project Manager

Student Assistant 

Amber Rose
CSC Office Assistant

Amber is a junior majoring in English and minoring in Comics and Cartoon Studies. While not working at CSC, Amber spends her time overwhelming herself with other activities such as book hoarding, writing stories at high typing speeds, and training to run a 5k just to mention a few. Once she has completed her Bachelor's degree, Amber plans to enroll in a Master of Library and Information Science program so that at some point she can upgrade from being a volunteer librarian to being a paid librarian.

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