Josh BruceJosh Bruce,
OPDR Interim Director
(541) 346-7326

Josh Bruce received his Masters Degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon in 2002 and holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of California, Davis (1996).  He maintains professional certification with the American Institute of Certified Planners and has achieved professional accreditation in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the United States Green Building Council.  Bruce currently serves as the Interim Director of the CSC’s Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience (OPDR).  In that capacity, he is responsible for program management and oversight of OPDR’s grants, projects, staff and students.

Mr. Bruce has professional experience in land-use permit review, zoning administration, land entitlements, site design, housing development, green building and sustainable business practices. For the past three years, Josh has assisted communities throughout Oregon with a variety of naturalā€hazard mitigation and recovery planning projects.  His research interests currently include the identification, development and use of integrated, multi-objective approaches to achieve community resilience.  Mr. Bruce currently serves as a board member of the Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW).

Julie FosterJulie Foster,
Departmental Grants Administrator
(541) 346-2878

Julie Foster received her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Music from Southern Oregon State College in 1990. After relocating to Eugene with her husband, she began working at the University of Oregon in the spring of 1992. She served for a year as the receptionist for the Department of Architecture and then for four years as the Assistant to the Associate Dean for the School of Architecture and Allied Arts. During that time she also served as the Graduate Secretary for the Historic Preservation Program. In the fall of 1997 she took a job as an Accounting Technician for the Community Planning Workshop and the Resource for Rural Environments Program. She was promoted to Grants Administrator when the two units became the Community Service Center. She continues to serve in this role today. She was recently honored by her peers by being nominated for, and selected as, an Honorable Mention recipient of the Research, Innovation and Graduate Education (RIGE) Excellence Award for 2012.

Julie has been happily married for over 20 years and is the proud mother of two sons. She enjoys sharing her love of music at her church and her sons’ school. She is an avid reader, loves traveling and enjoys bike riding when the weather is nice. She is a native born Oregonian and is pleased to be involved with an organization whose mission is it to serve her home state and its many rural communities, including her hometown of Roseburg.

Mike HowardMichael Howard,
OPDR Program Specialist
(541) 346-8413

Mike currently serves as a Program Specialist with the CSC’s Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience. In that capacity he develops local and state natural hazard mitigation plans and recovery frameworks. Mike obtained his Master’s in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon in 2002 and holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (1996). He maintains professional certification with the American Institute of Certified Planners and has achieved professional accreditation in Sustainable Building Advising from the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute.

Mike has professional experience in land-use permit review, entitlement planning, affordable housing development and open-space planning. His experience and research interests include green building and neighborhood design, affordable housing, multi-modal transportation planning, resiliency planning and environmental education. Mike currently serves as a board member for the Camas Educational Network a Eugene based non-profit with a focus on building cultural relationships to place, environmental sensitivity, and conservation of natural resources. Mike gained experience in post-disaster recovery planning in Haiti following the 2008 hurricane season where he worked with rural communities engaged in physical and economic recovery projects.

Bob ParkerBob Parker, AICP,
CSC Co-Managing Director, CPW Program Director, PPPM Teaching Faculty
(541) 346-3801

Bob Parkeris a Managing Director with the UO the Community Service Center (CSC) and Program Director of the Community Planning Workshop.  Over the last 20 years, Parker has managed more than 300 policy and planning analysis projects with communities and state officials throughout Oregon.  Community Planning Workshop is known widely throughout Oregon as one of the state’s critical policy analysis resources, connecting expertise of University faculty and students with communities and agencies.  These relationships, as well as the vast policy analysis experience, help CPW provide service to communities and organizations throughout Oregon.

Parker is also a principal of the University of Oregon’s Economic Development Center—a partnership with the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration which provides technical assistance and capacity building related to economic and business development to economically distressed Oregon communities. The Center focuses on sustainable economic development in the areas of food and agriculture systems, renewable energy, and green infrastructure. The Center won a national award in 2010 for its market analysis of local food systems in Lane County Oregon.

Megan SmithMegan Smith,
CSC Co-Managing Director, RARE Program Director 
(541) 346-3881

Megan Smith, Director of the Resource Assistance for Rural Environments Program (RARE), focuses her efforts on assisting rural Oregon in addressing community development and natural resource issues. As Director of RARE, Megan is responsible for community and participant recruitment, training, and the daily administration of the program. Her planning focus is on watershed management and the role of education and outreach in planning. Her teaching responsibilities include courses in Citizen Involvement and Watershed Planning.

Bethany SteinerBethany Steiner,
CPW Associate Director
(541) 346-3615

Similar to the mission of CPW, my passion lies in working with students to develop new skills and assisting communities to develop in meaningful ways. I teach the Community Planning Workshop class and help develop and oversee our community projects. For the past few years, I have focused on strategic planning, transportation and school siting issues, and public processes. 

I’m originally a southerner, but have bounced around to Vermont and New York for schooling, California and Montana for work, and finally settled in the fine state of Oregon.

Titus TomlinsonTitus Tomlinson,
RARE Program Coordinator
(541) 346-2879

Titus Tomlinson received his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Planning from Humboldt State University in 2005.  During his time at Humboldt State University he gained field experience working with the Mckinleyville Land Trust and the Humboldt Bay Stewards.  Upon attaining his Bachelor’s degree Titus participated in his first year of service with the RARE Program, where he served as an Intern Planner for the City of Winston.  After finishing up his year in Winston, Titus moved to Eugene to attain a Masters in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon’s Planning, Public Policy and Management Department.  With degree in hand, Titus couldn’t help but serving a second year with the program that originally brought him to Oregon.  In his second year with the RARE Program, he served with the City of Creswell as a Community Development Coordinator.  With the love he developed for serving rural Oregon via the RARE Program, well, he just couldn’t pull himself away from the program that forever changed his life.   Currently, Titus is working as the RARE Program Assistant where he helps “Get Things Done” in Oregon’s rural communities.

When not in Hendricks Hall, Titus enjoys spending time on this mountain bike, rock climbing, backpacking and bike touring.