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CSC Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff  

Josh Bruce AICP
OPDR Director


Aniko Drlik-Muehleck
Project Coordinator


Julie Foster
CSC Grants Administrator


Michael Howard AICP, CFM
Assistant Program Director


Robert Parker AICP
CSC Director, CPW Program Director, PPPM Teaching Faculty


Megan Smith
CSC Director, RARE Program Director


Bethany Steiner
CPW Associate Program Director, PPPM Teaching Faculty


Titus Tomlinson
RARE Program Coordinator


GTF Research Assistants    

Emily Brown
CPW Project Manager

Emily is a second-year Master of Community and Regional Planning graduate student concentrating on housing policy and community development. Originally from Walla Walla, WA, she studied Environmental Science at Willamette University and has lived in Oregon for the last eight years. During Community Planning Workshop, Emily is excited to lead a hands-on and rewarding learning process, provide an Oregon community with a high quality product, and have fun with her team while doing so.

Rory Isbell
CPW Project Manager

Rory is in his third year of graduate studies at the University of Oregon, pursuing concurrent degrees in Law in the School of Law and a Masters of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) in the Department of Planning, Public Policy, and Management. Rory was born in Oregon, but grew up exploring the arid basins and ranges of Arizona. He earned his BA in Geography from the University of Arizona before returning to Oregon in 2009. He is passionate about improving government at all levels through smart planning and savvy advocacy. When he’s not pursuing his academic and professional interests, Rory hikes, bikes, camps, climbs, skis, and paddles the beautiful landscapes of the West.

Dana Nichols
CPW Project Manager

Dana hails from the quaint town of Glen Rock, New Jersey, but has called home to many places across the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Geoscience, and decided to pursue her graduate degree in Community and Regional Planning after a year of service with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. Her planning interests include grappling with small town planning issues, community and economic development, and improving livability through creative means. In her second, and final year of graduate school, Dana is excited for the opportunity to work with Oregon’s coastal communities and to lead her team of fearless students to success.

Brett Setterfield
Project Manager

Brett is a native northern Nevadan, growing up in Reno and attending the University of Nevada, Reno as an undergrad with a focus on journalism. After several years of broadcast and print work, Brett decided to change course and pursue a Masters in Community and Regional Planning at the University of Oregon with a focus on transportation and land use. Now in his second year, Brett is excited to expand his project management skills while developing understanding of parking and travel behavior around Matthew Knight Arena.

Craig Wiroll
Project Manager

Craig is a journalist, two-time AmeriCorps alum, and Master of Public Administration graduate student with high hopes of changing the world - starting with local communities. He has experience across public, private, and nonprofit sectors and varying levels of government. Craig proudly hails from Wisconsin and enjoys public radio, hiking, camping, and eating copious amounts of delicious food.

Student Assistant 

Joseph Pho
CSC Office Assistant

Joseph is a junior majoring in Human Physiology and minoring in Anthropology. In his spare time, Joseph participates in UO related club events such as UO’s ASKLEPIADS Pre-Med Club, participating in intramural sports with his friends, and volunteering every Friday night at FOOD for Lane County. Once he has completed his Bachelor’s degree, Joseph plans to enroll in graduate school in order to earn his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in hopes of one day opening up his own practice.