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Taking Her Education to the Next Level

MPA student Allie Breyer was selected to participate in 2015 NEW Leadership Oregon. NEW Leadership Oregon is an award-winning women's leadership development program housed at the Center for Women's Leadership at Portland State University. Open to college women enrolled at any college in the state of Oregon, NEW Leadership Oregon runs an inclusive women-centered leadership program that educates and encourages outstanding college women to develop paths towards leadership.


CSC Provides Assistance to Oregon’s South Coast

Economic struggles. Decreasing public safety services. Failing infrastructure. Aging medical buildings. These issues plague many rural communities, but they are especially difficult on the southern coast of Oregon. For the past year, in Coos, Curry, and western Douglas counties, the Community Service Center (CSC) has worked with the communities of this region to address these issues and more. 


315th Year Anniversary

A ghost forest of tree stumps emerges at low tide near Neskowin in Tillamook County. The trees are believed to be the remnants of forests growing before the last major earthquake and tsunami hit.  Wolfram Burner/FlickrJanuary 26, 2015 marked the 315th year anniversary of the last Cascadia subduction zone earthquake; 105 years before Lewis and Clark first set eyes on the pacific. This natural hazard occurred just off the Oregon coast where Geologists believe the quake was around a magnitude 9.0 (four to five minutes of ground shaking). All we know of the hazard’s impacts locally is what has been passed down by Native Americans who occupied the area at the time.


The Romance and Nostalgia of Oregon’s Historic Theatres

The Community Planning Workshop (CPW) is embarking on a dramatic journey, the Oregon Historic Theatres Inventory Project. CPW will explore these incredible cultural gems, once cornerstones of social and economic life, to understand their continued value as community assets. The project will include a statewide inventory and assessment to develop strategies tying historic theatres to travel and tourism promotion throughout Oregon.


RARE AmeriCorps Program Turns Twenty!

In July 2014, the RARE-Resource Assistance for Rural Environments-AmeriCorps Program celebrated its twentieth anniversary of service to rural Oregon communities. Having taken the lead on a variety of city, community and regional initiatives, the program has developed a strong reputation in rural Oregon and enhanced university outreach and service to these communities. “The twentieth anniversary of the RARE AmeriCorps Program provides both a milestone and an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of this wonderful organization.” said Titus Tomlinson, coordinator for the RARE AmeriCorps Program.


Warm Winter Wishes from the Community Service Center Staff

At the University of Oregon, we get to experience the holiday traditions and foods of many lands. Cheers to our culturally diverse community! With so many winter holidays to celebrate, including Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and Three Kings’ Day, the excitement of students, faculty and staff is catching. Anyone wishing for a white winter wonderland yet?